2000 Southwest Yard & Garden Archives




  • March 11, 2000
    Starting lawn in compacted soil
    Scale problems on weeping fig



  • May 6, 2000
    Is it too late to plant roses in New Mexico?
    Damaged rose blossoms
  • May 13, 2000
    Blossom end rot in container grown tomatoes
    Is it ok to transplant bulbs now?


  • June 3, 2000
    Sunburned Ficus
    Garden Over Septic Leach Field
  • June 10, 2000
    Plants to reduce fire hazard
    Tall skinny tomato plants
  • June 17, 2000
    Fungus Gnats on House Plants in Summer
    Organic Foliar Fertilizer


  • July 8, 2000
    How Long to Produce Fruit on Tree Grown from Seed
    Raywood Ash Tree Form
  • July 15, 2000
    Don't put barbecue ashes in garden in New Mexico
    Mossy things growing on trees in New Mexic


  • August 19, 2000
    Too late to spray for pine tip moth
    Globe willow with split trunk
  • August 26, 2000
    House plants too large
    When to bring in poinsettias?
    Is it ok to dethatch lawn now?



  • October 14, 2000
    Cold injury above freezing
    Germinating Virginia creeper seeds
  • October 28, 2000
    What caused the toadstools
    Backfill soil over tree roots
    White fly problem


  • November 18, 2000
    Removing paper wasp nest
    Coffee grounds in flower pots
    Grubs in compost


  • December 2, 2000
    Native New Mexico Pines/Christmas trees
    Why does grass die in winter?
  • December 9, 2000
    Chile houseplant freeze injury
    Pet rabbit injury to young tree

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