1996 Southwest Yard & Garden Archives


  • June 8, 1996
    Horn-tail tree borers
    Yellow leaves in locust trees
  • June 22, 1996
    Puckered areas on roses
    Fending off bees and ants from hummingbird feeders


  • July 8, 1996
    Boxelder bugs
    Pruning dead branches in summer
  • July 15, 1996
    Starting new grape vines
    Plants won't grow, too much fertilizer
  • July 22, 1996
    Picking ripe watermelons
    Goatheads, goatheads, goatheads


  • August 12, 1996
    Grapeleaf skeletonizer on Virginia creeper
    Dodder, a parasitic weed


  • September 30, 1996
    Can I prune roses now?
    Can I prune grapes now?
    Can I plant trees now?


  • October 21, 1996
    Rototill old leaves into the garden
    African violet leaf cuttings


  • November 4, 1996
    Using fallen leaves
    Ficus benjamina sap making mess on carpet
  • November 25, 1996
    Plant flowering plants after blooming in winter
    Weeping benjamin problems


  • December 9, 1996
    Change hydrangea "flower" color
    When to start tomatoes indoors

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