1999 Southwest Yard & Garden Archives



  • March 15, 1999
    Juniper pollen hay fever
    Effect of predicted drought on new landscapes
  • March 22, 1999
    Cold weather after pruning roses
    Sunburned houseplant



  • May 24, 1999
    Cacti from Seed
    Mushroom problems in the garden



  • July 12, 1999
    Plant shrubs in summer?
    Potting soil from compost
  • July 19, 1999
    Rock landscape isn't xeriscape
    What to do with old rotting globe willow


  • August 9, 1999
    How to remove a tree, and then what to do with the stump?
  • August 30, 1999
    Propagating Datura and trumpet vine
    Fire ants in New Mexico


  • September 27, 1999
    Can I plant different bulbs in the same hole?
    Do I have to bring my poinsettia inside now?


  • October 4, 1999
    Fall tree planting
    When to prune ficus tree
    When to prune cherry tree
  • October 11, 1999
    Fall web worm problems
    Ponderosa Pines turning brown
  • October 18, 1999
    Check houseplants before bringing them indoors
    Plants spring flowering bulbs now


  • November 1, 1999
    Starting willow trees from stem cuttings
    Does drought really kill grass?


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