1998 Southwest Yard & Garden Archives




  • March 23, 1998
    Tomato Tree Question
    Applying Manure and Compost to the Spring Garden
  • March 30, 1998
    Roots From Cut Trees Growing?
    New Mexico Forest Re-leaf Tax Check Off


  • April 6, 1998
    Cutting Problem Tree Roots
    Wood Ashes in the Garden
  • April 13, 1998
    Grub Worms in the Garden
    Growing Lettuce in New Mexico Gardens
  • April 27, 1998
    Plastic Mulch to Warm Soil
    Spring Flowering Bulbs for New Mexico


  • May 11,1998
    Gray, Green, and Yellow "Moss" (Lichen) on Sick Trees
  • May 18, 1998
    Thinning Fruit to Prevent broken branches
    When to Plant Grass in Northern New Mexico
  • May 25, 1998
    Effect of Forest Fire Smoke on Garden
    Cherry Fruit Drop


  • June 1, 1998
    Poor Cherry Crop Due to Poor Pollination
    Composting Kitchen Wastes
  • June 8, 1998
    Attract Hummingbirds to the Garden
    Don't use an Icepick to "inject" Insecticide



  • August 3, 1998
    It's OK to Summer Prune Damaged branches
    Weeds Taking Over


  • September 7, 1998
    Sticky Stuff on Potted Bay Tree
    Yellow Stuff Growing on Bark Mulch
  • September 14, 1998
    To Fertilize or Not To Fertilize New Trees and Shrubs
    Starting a Peach From a Seed
  • September 21, 1998
    Is it Good to Drain Evaporative Coolers in the Garden?
    Lemons and Limes
    Geranium Cuttings


  • October 26, 1998
    Skinny Pampas Grass Revisited
    What to do with Left-Over Pesticides



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